Monday, October 22, 2007

Location of Ford Explorer Factory Keyless Door Keypad Code

Alright, how many people in the world own a Ford Explorer SUV Car or Truck with the keypad on the door? Have you ever asked yourself where the or how to find retrieve or reset the OEM keyless door keypad? I own a Ford Expedition and took it to the dealer and they wanted to charge me $120.00 and leave my SUV with them for 1/2 a day just to hook a computer up to get the OEM factory keypad settings. I was so pissed off I drove away and made it a point to research a better faster cost effective way to get the code.....and succeeded...

I spent weeks getting the info to all Ford Keypad Codes and now can give the information on how to get the keypad reset code to people for 90% less than the dealer. This manual instruction for the location to reset is a hell of a lot more convenient because it’s a DIY manual that takes very little time. Some keypads on vehicles take under 2 minutes to crack and others keypads take about 5 but there are no tools required on most and only on a few models very little mechanical knowledge. So EVERYONE can find reset and start using the Keyless entry Keypad on there vehicle. If you have the Keyless keypad on the door and you want to find the location to crack the key pad code this website is for YOU!

Find Ford Explorer, Ford Excursion, Ford Expedition Keypad Code Location Here.

Locate or Find All Keyless Entry OEM Factory Keypads for Ford Explorer keypad Codes